Due to the current COVID crisis, available now on a limited basis, we are offering virtual* appointments option for established clients of Renton Veterinary Hospital. using a smart phone or tablet, you can communicate with our team and show him or her your pet and its problem. All you need is to install Petpro Connect app! And the app is free!

Petpro Connect is a pet health communication app that not only allows us to communicate each other via webcam without leaving their homes but also using this app you can access pet health records, request appointments, get healthcare reminders, and review your pet ID cards.

*In a virtual setting we can provide the evaluation of wounds, watery/runny eyes, runny noses, rashes, and mild cases of vomiting and diarrhea. Please email call us @ 425-255-8676 or email us at rentonvet@yahoo.com with your questions and concerns and we’ll see if a Telemedicine appointment is right for you and your pet!

Schedule a Telemedicine Consultation – It is easy!

  • GIVE US A CALL – Call the front desk at the desired location to schedule a Virtual Appointment with your veterinarian. Your payment will be obtained over the phone.
  • WE SEND YOU A LINK or DOWNLOAD PetPro Connect APP – You sign up using email id you provided us to be on file.
  • VIDEO CHAT WITH YOUR VETERINARIAN – Your veterinarian will determine your pet’s needs — such as medication for pick up, pet drop off for tests or treatments, or continued monitoring at home.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

+ How is Telemedicine consultation done?

  • With advances in technology, we have the ability to “see” you and your pet through your smart phone or tablet using an app called Petpro Connect. Once you have downloaded the app and registered it using your email on file with us, you can initiate a veterinary consultation by emailing us for the appointment or send a request via app. We will then send you a confirmation via app. Our veterinarian will call you via app at the scheduled time. You can then show us the problem your pet is experiencing by using the camera on your phone. During the consultation, we will decide together if the problem needs specific treatment. Medications might be prescribed to be picked up at one of our offices. If further diagnostic testing is needed, we may request you bring your pet in for testing (blood work, urinalysis, radiographs, cytology, etc.). Occasionally, a full hands-on physical examination may be needed. Following the telemedicine consultation, a written summary of the visit will be documented on your records.

+ Why do I have to be an established client to be able to use telemedicine service?

  • State law requires that we have a valid Veterinary Client Patient Relationship. This is generally interpreted to mean that you and your pet must have been physically seen by a veterinarian employed by our hospital within the past calendar year. Some medical conditions require more recent examination. However, FDA has waived this requirement temporarily due to COVID.

+ Do I need a smartphone to be able to use Telemedicine Service?

  • Yes, you will need a smart-phone or a tablet with camera capabilities as well as wifi/Internet capabilities, in order to participate in our telemedicine service.

+ What is Petpro Connect and why Petpro Connect?

  • Petpro Connect is our Telemedicine partner. It not only helps us brings the telemedicine to you but also enables all pet health care app features at your finger tips.
  • Request both in-person and video consultation appointments.
  • Securely access all your pet medical records.
  • Request prescription refills.
  • Message/chat directly with our team through the app.

+ What makes Telemedicine different from medicine in general

  • The standard of care is the same whether telemedicine or in-hospital care is delivered. There are limitations with telemedicine that must be considered, such as not being able to obtain information gathered through a hands-on exam (ie., listening to the heart and lungs, feeling a mass, manipulating a joint). We also cannot gather laboratory samples unless your pet visits one of our locations.

+ Will a doctor be doing full hands on exam on my pet?

  • No. Telemedicine is limited by what the doctor can view on the screen or learn from speaking with you. A hands-on exam will not performed.

+ How do I pay?

  • A credit card number will be required at the time the time the appointment is confirmed. Our front desk team will collect the payment over the phone.

+ Will I still be charged for my Telemedicine appointment if the consulting veterinarian directs me to go in to a clinic or to an emergency facility?

  • You will be need to pay for the telemedicine consult at the time of service given our veterinarian is providing care for your pet at the scheduled Telemedicine appointment. Any treatment or medical charges associated with an in hospital visit will be paid as usual at the time of visit based on the service.

+ Why would I want to use Telemedicine service?

  • Your pet needs timely help from us, isn’t doing too well but you are also showing symptoms and can’t find someone else to bring your pet to us.
  • You are a client of ours who happens to be high risk during COVID.
  • To help those that don’t have ready transportation access.
  • To reduce stress on pets that don’t do very well with travel.
  • To offer quality care to those patients that cannot come into the clinic due to limitations with mobility.
  • To save money and reduce trips to after-hours Emergency facilities by communicating with a veterinarian within your own practice first. We can advise you if you need to go to an emergency facility.

We ask for your forgiveness as this is a learning experience for us as well. There are bound to be a few glitches, crashes, chaos, some delays as data gets transferred through systems and occasional interruptions. Call us if you are experiencing difficulties or have any questions. We appreciate your patience and look forward to exploring this new facet of veterinary medicine with you! Who thought we will be doing curbside and telemedicine some day!

Thank you all so much for your continued understanding and for doing your part to keep the community safe and healthy. We will continue to do ours to keep you and our team members safe!