Promotional Coupons

  • BOARDING: Prepay at the time of booking and SAVE 10% OFF boarding! Welcome New Client exam with this coupon $41.00 View all coupons and promotions(Regularly $56)
  • Free Shelter Exam Coupons: Free exams for animals adopted less than 10 days with shelter coupon.
  • Senior Citizens: Receive a 10% discount if you are over 65 and make less than $35,000 a year.
  • Frontline Gold buy 6 doses and get one free dose.
  • NexGard buy 6 doses and get $15 Rebate.
  • NexGard buy 12 doses and get $35 Rebate.
  • FREE Toe Nail Trim: After your 7th, your pet gets one for free!
  • Wellness Packages for kittens and puppies that include exam, testing as needed, vaccines, parasite control, nail care & free pet food.

We accept all major credit cards and work extensively with various pet insurance companies to assist our clients.