Birds fed excellent diets and provided with good husbandry can live very long lives without illness. However, it is advisable to bring in your bird in once a year for an examination and fecal check. Additionally, we will periodically suggest a blood sample be taken to get an “internal snap shot” of how the various organs are functioning. Spotting problems early is crucial in birds because when their health fails, it does so quickly and with little warning. We can also update you on the new information that we learn as medicine and captive care evolves. Annual examinations are inexpensive insurance for the health of your bird.

Emergency Care
Not all emergency clinics are staffed by personnel who are trained to diagnose and care for ill birds (or other exotics). Emergency care is always more expensive than regular hospitalization at a veterinary clinic/hospital. This is because you have a licensed veterinarian awake and providing on-going care and supervision through the night which carries with it premimum costs. You can call around and ask each ER facility what they are trained to do; however many simply turn away exotics. Click here for after hours emergency care.