We are only offering Medical Grooming Services at this time!

    Some pets are not good candidates for the grooming shop. Fractious cats and dogs may require a range of medication from a tranquilizer to isoflorane anesthesia in order to groom. Some animals have hair mats that require dissection and shredding with special combs, rakes, or clippers and their dispositions do not allow this to occur without “better living through chemistry”. Our staff can help in these cases.

    Additional Things We Handle:

    Nail Care
    Ear Care
    Anal Glands

    In general, we do full shave down or clip downs (lion cuts) as opposed to AKC show cuts. We can comb out animals that are challenging but we are not miracle workers. Our pricing is based on difficulty and time required. We can, in most cases, offer dental cleaning if we are going to use isoflorane and there is an economy of savings passed on to the owner.

    We’re here for all of your pet’s needs. Renton veterinary Hospital offers Grooming in Renton, Seattle, Tukwila, Kent, Newcastle, Sammamish, Issaquah, Bellevue, Redmond, and the surrounding communities.