Renton Veterinary Hospital has a long tradition of providing valued animal care services while balancing the needs of the community with those of our staff and the long-term growth of the practice, which presently in is its 76th year. We also take strong efforts to make an environmentally light ‘foot print’ and in general, leave the world a better place than we found it.

We believe that providing preventative health care services prevents catastrophes that leave pets dead and owners grieving. We have a duty to help parents protect their children (and any elderly people) from zoonotic diseases easily prevented, often with parasite control. We focus on providing affordable practical veterinary care and work with owners to provide the care their animals need. We take a leading role in educating owners about their pets health and how best to preserve it.

We promote professionalism among our team and provide career level positions with benefits and a retirement program to all levels of staff. This is a deliberate effort to attract and retain the best staff members who will in turn provide stellar service to our clients and amazing nursing care to animals in need. We provide or pay for continuing education for all team members in an effort to keep the knowledge levels as high as possible. We know that happy and well-trained employees provide better services to our clients and their animals.

We value diversity in our clients and recognize that the face of the traditional American family has been changing in recent years. We work with many ethic and religious community members and value their traditions. Animals, once valued only for their ability to provide meat, hunt mice, or herd life stock, have, over the years come to be treasured as beloved companions. As the human reproductive rates have dropped in this country, animals have, for some owners, replaced children and we understand and help foster this relationship. Our mission is animal health and we are motivated, trained, and stand ready to accomplish the many task necessary to be successful.

We make every effort to recycle and reuse materials utilized in a veterinary practice. We are a 5 star-rated environmentally certified by King County for our efforts. We avoid use of products that harm the environment and our community. We obey all environmental laws with respect to medical waste and business waste (computers, florescent lamps, batteries, spent chemicals, used paint, etc.). Our goal is to produce the smallest ‘environmental footprint’ possible and to help make our community a better place in which to live.